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Freedive Toronto To Host 2011 Canadian National Freedive Competition

Canadian National Freedive Competition 2011

 Location: Toronto

 When: Aug 6, 7, 8

 Events: STA, DYN, CWT

Freedive Toronto is hosting the 2011 Canadian National Freedive Competition. We want to know who would be interested in attending the 3 day event so please send us an email. We have elected to have both the pool and open water events over a 3 day weekend so if people decide to travel to Toronto they can get both depth and pool events in the same competition. It will be a great opportunity for new and veteran freedivers to get together, learn and have a good time.

The Pool:
We will be confirming our booking soon.


picture of the pool please see the following link:

Open Water
The open water event will be held in Lake Ontario.

 Volunteers Needed!
 For those who don’t want to compete!

Safety Team
We will be training a new safety team for this event. If you are interested in being on this safety team please let us know.

Camera Operators
We need two people to operates cameras

 Boat Operators
You will get a front row seat!


  1. I am a beginning free diver, but very comfortable with much snorkeling experience in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Hawaii. I may be able to volunteer my time that weekend. I have my pleasure craft operator card and have worked for the Canadian Coast Guard in the high Arctic. I could captain a support vessel. Lets discuss.

  2. I appriciate your comment and I have sent you an email with my contact information, because we can use the help.

  3. Hi Soren,
    What training will be required for the ‘Safety Team’ during the competition? I am willing to participate with the right guidance/mentorship too.
    Thank you.

  4. We haven’t created the specific requirements yet. We will need help from people with various freediving skills, so if you are interested in helping there will be lots of things to do. You should also consider joining as a competitor, because it does not matter what level you are at and you can learn a lot from a competition and they are always fun.

  5. hello i am interested in attending the competition so i was wondering what i require before attending and if i can rent equipment.

  6. Paolo,

    There are no requirements for participating in the Nationals, but we recommend that you have tried freediving before. If you live close to Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, there are great clubs which can help you get started.
    We as a club don’t rent equipment, but if you become a member there are more than likely members that can lend you some of the needed equipment: mask, fins, weights, wetsuit and lanyard.
    You can also email us at if you have further questions.

    Soren Frederiksen

  7. yes i have alot of experience freediving as an amature because i spearfish in italy every summer and just to let you know i will try to come to practice night on monday june 6th !

    • Great, I will see you then.


  8. My daughter is 9 years old and very interested in learning to swim with a monofin and eventually freedive. As we were planning her trip to Ukraine, we discovered that the monofin was invented there and have set her up with one. She is extremely excited to learn how to swim with one. How would you recommend that a beginner get started? I would imagine it’s a very different way of swimming. is there anyone who offers lessons to children in the Toronto area?
    Also, I saw that the nationals are coming to Toronto. Is it possible for her to come out to see some of the competition and what would recommend?

    • Great to hear that your daughter is interested in swimming with a monofin and freediving. Our club do not train kids this young currently, but I would be happy to meet with you at a pool and give her some instruction. We are very busy with the nationals competition so I won’t be able to do this until after august 10th.

      Your daughter and you are very welcome to come to the nationals pool sessions which are free and I am sure that most of the athletes would love to talk to her about our great sport. I am part of organizing the event but will fir sure find some time to chat.

      You are also very welcome to come on the boat to see the depth competition which has a ticket price of $20.

      Please send an email to our freedivetoronto info account with a phone number and we ca discuss this.

      Soren Frederiksen

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