Posted by: Sergei | May 13, 2011

3-rd FreediveToronto Minicomp May 9, 2011

9 th of May
8 athletes
7 men
6 qualified performances
5 white cards
4 athletes first time at mini comp at our club
3 swims over 100 m
2 Personal Best
1 Lady (again!)
SERGEI started 1st rushing it pretty fast to 100 m, followed by The One and Only uncontested Lady at the Club – YAROSLAVA with yet another casual 100 m dive.
LARS was very solid with his SP but fell victim of habit of dipping below waterline with his airways (or was it due to late coming to the pre-comp briefing?) – anyways that will still qualify as “competitive experince”. Good job!
LOUIE keeps improving pretty much every time he shows up at the pool and this time was no different – another PB! Congrats!
The newest addition to the Club and Team Timoshenko – another SERGEI S. (aka “Junior”) comfortably reached 50m and was preetty confident that he could have done more! Never mind this is his first comp and second time at Club’s practices. Good potential for sure!
JEFF sprinted to his own Personal Best and will now look to stepping up the ladder for the Nationals. The good sign of it is that he signed first for the Nationals! 100 m DYN is close! Hurry up and sign up here:
TOM landed solidly on the 2-nd place. Pretty sure he would do 100 + if there was a UWR bucket in front of him and ball in his hands. I do not think it is prohibited by AIDA rules, eh?
SOREN was the last to start and his PB was smeared by the spell cast by horde of scuba congregated all around us with some very brave ones sneaking to the comp line to spy on our secrets.
Top Gun Safety – DOUG kept watchful eye on all of us and “scuba elements”. Thanks a lot! We did feel safe!!!
Results are here:
P.S. there was no fistfights or bar accidents that night

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