Posted by: Soren | May 26, 2013

William Winram – 94 meter Constant Weight with bi-fins

William Winram, a Freedive Toronto member was in a great mood and very relaxed chatting to the safety team on the Catamaran before his dive.

After a few warm-up dives and some rest he left the surface for a historic 94 meter bi-fins dive. Looking relaxed and not too fast of the surface we saw him sinking into the deep blue.

After waiting for 2 and a half minutes I went down as the first safety to meet William. After 15 meters I could already see him coming up, which means that he was around 45 meters so I tried to swim down as fast as possible, he was early.

At 25 meters I met William who was looking strong and I was happy to see the tag sticking out of his hood.

Congratulation on an amazing dive and to a great diver.

William Winram after his 94 m bi-fins dive

William Winram after his dive

William, Natalie and Soren after the dive

William, Natalie and Soren after the dive

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