Posted by: ftdivemaster | December 22, 2019

Dynamic Monofin competition

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we invite you all to participate in the second competition in the history of the Club d’Apnée Sportive de Québec!
See you Saturday February 22nd, 2020 at the Lucien-Flammand pool in Quebec City. The competition is dedicated to the discipline of monofin dynamics and is CMAS approved.

– Time: The reservation of the pool is from 17h000-21h00. We will confirm the exact time of registration shortly.

– Costs: The price of the CMAS license is 25$ per athlete for the year. It will allow you to compete in other CMAS competitions. We will add an entry fee that will be confirmed shortly.

– Registrations: Write to Xavier Robidoux at this email to indicate your participation: An email will be sent by email to all to validate the details.

– Visitors, volunteers, supporters: It will make us PLEASURE to receive you! Come in large numbers!

P.S. We need volunteers for security, photography and organization in general. Write to if you are interested 🙂  cmas Dmono


  1. IMPORTANT CHANGE- After discussion with our official, the event will be able to welcome people in bi-fins with stereo kick. However, there will be only one ranking.

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