Freediving Safety

Freediving is a potentially dangerous activity if done without following proper safety protocols.

Animal encounters while freediving require a thorough knowledge of the area and fauna.

Do not never attempt any of this alone.

Please research for an explanation of the dangers of under water breath holding.

For more information, please contact us.

Never Ever Freedive Alone

Always Freedive With A Buddy

Aida International Safety Protocols for Competitions / Records


  1. Please understand I have the utmost respect and admiration for the free divers who participate in diving to extreme depths. The courage and discipline to accomplish these feats is unfathomable (no pun intended) to me.

    My personal interest lies in being the underwater explorer I see in the many freediving videos online. I am an admirer of underwater life and geography, and my focus would be to become a free diver to enjoy a shallower environment. While I understand the training involved to participate in this area of the sport would be similar to diving at depth, I am writing to inquire if your courses are oriented to this aspect of free diving, as it is not in my interest intent to compete in depth diving.

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

    Again, with all respect and admiration in what you accomplish.

    Sandy Lapere

    • Thanks for reaching out.

      Our primary reason for teaching freediving is safety. Most of our students are recreational divers, not competitive divers.

      The AIDA 2 star course teaches you to dive safely to 16m, which is a good depth for most people to be able to dive and explore the ocean and lakes.

      Feel free to contact us on: or my cell: 416 605-8569


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