Freedive Toronto Minutes – AGM July 17 2002

Attendees: Jade Leutenegger, Gord Lemon, Doug Sitter, Perry Gladstone

Acting President Perry Gladstone recognized the presence of a quorum and called the meeting to order at 6:45pm. Perry then introduced the meetings agenda and first order of business, to elect three CAFA members as directors for the club.

Perry acknowledged that three members Doug Sitter (DS), Gord Lemon (GL), and Perry Gladstone (PG) had volunteered for Directorship. Formal nominations were then made of these same volunteers and the attending members voted unanimously to elect these three as Directors for a one-year term.

The second order of business was for the newly elected Directors to formally appoint Perry Gladstone as the Club’s President and Executive officer. The Directors then decided to postpone appointment of the other executive positions of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer until FT member Parham Kahjeh-Nainireturns from vacation in the next few weeks.

Finding a pool to train in was then discussed and it was decided that each member present would look into the following possible locations and report back via the FT group email. JL-Jarvis Collegiate, GL- UofT, DS-Others, PG-St. Albans

The proposed dates for an Ottawa clinic and regional event in September were discussed. JL told the group she and member Parham will not be able to make the regional contest date of Sept.28/29 but she will attend the clinic. PG is to advise Kirk Krack of the potential conflict for the contest. PG then told the group about the Judges in Learning program and stressed the importance of having Eastern based judges in the future.

Equipment discounts have been offered to FT members by Associate member Picasso America and pending Associate member Scuba2000. PG relayed Scuba2000’s message to the membership asking what type of support the club would like. The following list was made and will be presented to Scuba2000 by PG:

  • Standing discount of 10-15% on in stock items for all FT members
  • Stock basic freediving items
  • Promote the club and its events to their clients and mailing list as well as online
  • Help find product and or financial sponsorship for club events
  • Exchange website links
  • Offer discounted open water excursions if possible
  • Provide tech divers, other support for local events

The group also suggested that FT offer to do info seminars on Freediving and the club if they are interested.

DS made a motion that all FT marketing and collateral br approved by the directors. This was seconded by GL

GL suggested that FT have a liability waiver. PG presented the Membership application form, which includes a waiver. DS asked that we add a ‘Witness’ signature line to the form. A reciprocal agreement with Freedive Vancouver was discussed so that members of each club can participate in club activities when visiting each other’s area.

PG mentioned that the proposed Annual membership fees of $25 for regular member and $50 for Associate member as outlined on the FT website needed to be approved. PG informed the attendees that any monies collected would initially go to covering the cost of paying for and hosting the FT domain name and website. GL offered his services as webmaster. It was also agreed that PG will accept funds on behalf of the club until such time that a treasurer is appointed and a dedicated bank account is opened. GL motioned that the proposed Annual fees be accepted and that the ‘Guest’ membership be eliminated. JL seconded.

PG informed the attendees that Picasso America has offered free use of their online discussion forum as an alternative to the Yahoo groups forum. All agreed that the Yahoo groups was sufficient and was better geared towards the clubs needs at this time.

DS motioned to ratify the Freedive Toronto Constitution as provided by CAFA. Seconded by JL

JL asked when the next general meeting would be held. It was agreed that the next meeting should coincide with the proposed September clinic and regional event in Ottawa.

PG asked if there was any other business to address and invited the attendees to visit the St. Albans pool nearby. GL motioned the meeting be adjournment. Seconded by JL

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