Freedive Toronto Minutes – AGM Nov 22 2004

Attendees: Andrew Walus; Gordon Lemon, Aaron Wood, Perry Gladstone, David Maifrini, Doug Sitter, Tom, and Larissa Reise.

Perry called meeting to order, Doug seconded. Perry began by reading the agenda. The agenda included: Elections;
Treasurers Report;
Allocation of Club Funds.


Perry Gladstone, Doug Sitter, David Maifrini, Aaron Wood, Gord Lemon, Matt Airhart and Andrew Walus were nominated for the FT board. Gord, Matt and Andrew declined, and Perry, Doug, Aaron and Dave accepted. Votes were tallied by Matt Airhart and he reported Perry, Doug and Dave received 6 votes each, and Aaron received 5 votes. The elections were approved. Dave M. volunteered to continue in the treasurer’s position and the others will decide amongst themselves for the remaining 3 positions.

Treasurer’s Report (Dave M.)

There is roughly $300 in the FT account right now and all current members are paid up to date.


Gord started by explaining the available options at the Scadding Court pool. Tuesday evenings are available from 9-10pm at a rate of $50/hr. and Monday evenings are available to share with a group of disabled swimmers from 6:30-8:30 at a rate of $35/hr. Monday was concluded to be the better day of the two. However, the decision will be delayed for a week while Doug S. looks into the Etobicoke Olympium pool and Perry G. looks into the JCC pool. The decision will be made via the group email list.


The possibility of Andrew W. making a national record attempt in dynamic was considered. The likely costs and availability of judges was discussed and full support of the club was offered if he pursues this endeavour. Andrew will advise of his intentions.

A winter pool event was discussed and the general consensus was that we should have two events. An inter-club competition with the Ottawa Freedivers in February and an intro to freediving of sorts in April. Target dates for these events are Feb. 5/6 and April 9/10 respectively. Aaron volunteered to organize these events, with Doug assisting with the inter-club comp. and Andrew assisting with the intro to freediving. Aaron will post a format and list of ideas, as well as requirements, for both events to the FT group list in the next week. Pool time is our first priority. Gord and Aaron will be looking into Scadding Court, Doug at the Etobicoke Olympium and Perry at the JCC.

Allocation of Club funds

The club will look into partially funding the intro to freediving in April.

Perry asked if there were any other issues to discuss, and as none were mentioned, he motioned to close the meeting. Doug seconded and the meeting was completed.

Action List

-Doug S. to look into the Etobicoke Olympium pool for practice and/or one or both of the pool events.
-Perry G. to look into the JCC pool for practice and/or one or both of the pool events.
-Aaron W. and Gord L. to look into the Scadding Court pool for one or both of the pool events.
-Aaron to organize Feb. comp. and April intro to freediving.

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