Freedive Toronto Minutes – Directors Meeting – Feb 21 2003

Attendees: Doug Sitter, Gord Lemon, Jade Leuteneger, Perry Gladstone, Guest: Dave Maifrini

PG called the meeting to order

Regional Contest

Perry Gladstone asked if the club was interested in hosting a regional event this spring or summer, perhaps in conjunction with a Performance Frediving clinic to offset the cost of bringing a judge in (Kirk). The group decided not and to look into an interclub event instead.


Perry Passed around schedule information on the WRC, ERC and Nationals.

Safety Protocols

Perry initiated a discussion about adopting basic protocols for all Club in water (pool or open water) sessions and events. An initial list of four polices were approved and additional recommendations will be will be drafted for approval ASAP.

  • One on One buddy system at all times. Approved:(DS/JL)
  • At least one FT Director must be present at any/all club events. Approved:(PG/DS)
  • Laminated emergency contact sheet on hand at all events Approved:(PG/DS)
  • All special events and open water training (excluding weekly pool training considered CAFA training for liability reasons and therefore only open to FT/CAFA members. Approved: (PG/DS)


Gord Lemon reported that the site will be updated shortly, meantime he will add the pending protocols/policy list. Gord then suggested Perry be reimbursed for domain registration and hosting costs incurred to date of approximately $60. Approved (GL/DS).

Guest Dave Maifrini offered to compile all the Personal Best and other club members performance information for the website.

Club Schedule

Guest member Dave Maifrini offered to take responsibility for maintaining the club calendar on the yahoo group list. Doug Sitter will oversee the schedule with Dave. Doug then offered to take the lead on coordinating a club trip next fall/winter and will update the group as he makes progress.


Based on the new policy to make CAFA membership required for all non-regular events, there was a discussion on whether the club should consider making CAFA membership required to join FT. The group decided not.


Following the Fees discussion the group considered the current cash position of the club and what the balance should be used for. Perry reported that nine members have paid the $25 annual dues and we have approved $60 for Web related costs leaving a balance of approximately $165. The group decided to leave the balance for overhead costs and upcoming event proposals such as the interclub consideration.

Club scope and Vision

Perry suggested the group spend some time before our next meeting to consider the scope and vision for the FT club to help determine our short and long-term goals. The group will then meet to create a Vision statement with short and long-term goals on or before the 2nd AGM.


Perry asked if there was any other or new business before adjourning the meeting. The next meeting will be no later than the next AGM in June or July. Approved (PG/GL)

Action Items:

  • PG to draft safety protocols and send to Directors for approval
  • PG to compile emergency contact list and laminate copies for each Director
  • GL to send notice to group list calling for emergency contacts
  • GL to add approved protocols list to website and post notice to list
  • GL to update FT website
  • DS and Dave Maifrini to coordinate club schedule, Dave to post to group calendar
  • DS to look into club trip next fall/winter
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