Freedive Toronto Minutes – Meeting May 5 2006

Attendees: Doug Sitter, Gord Lemon, Andrew Walus, Aaron Wood, Perry Gladstone

Doug Sitter called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 pm

Pool Supervision

The group discussed current attendance at the Olympium pool sessions and the need for both additional Director’s supervision and the orientation training of new members. It was decided that Doug will draw up a schedule that includes Directors and Andrew Walus as a designee supervisor when available.

A recommendation was made to schedule quarterly or as-needed full-day training dates for the FT orientation program to ensure new members have the safety training to supervise themselves at practice. All Directors will be expected to attend as instructors. Doug will poll the membership for an agreeable date in the near future and add it to the schedule.

Treasurer’s Resignation and new Appointee

The Board recently received the resignation of David Maifrini as a Director and Treasurer for the club. In light of this the Board decided to appoint former Director Aaron Wood to serve the remainder of Maifrini’s term. Aaron has agreed to this appointment.


The Board approved the following motions:

  • To recognize the FT Orientation program as equal to PFD Clinic of CAFA Safety training in regards to club Director’s qualification.
  • FT will cover annual pool fees for Directors that attend pool sessions as supervisor on a regular basis and ‘day fees’ for other Directors and designated supervisors.
  • Aaron Wood to be appointed to serve the remaining term of resigned Director and Treasurer David Maifrini.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 pm

Action Items:

  • DS to post supervision schedule for pool sessions
  • DS to poll membership and set up earliest convenient FT orientation session
  • GL to check on legal wording of waiver
  • AW to look into remaining and new FT t-shirts
  • GL to confirm on-going FT website hosting
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