Freedive Toronto Minutes – AGM 2013

23 November 2013

Freedive Toronto – AGM Meeting


Soren Frederiksen
Bart Maslikowski
Louie Partalis
Doug Sitter
Sergei Timoshenko
Jeff Watson via Skype
Sharon Young

Meeting started 1:40 pm

Retrieve minutes from past AGMs

2008 forward reports from Soren.

–          Statements to members to be posted on forum.

–          Check payment for pool fees

It is agreed to have William Winram is an honorary member of Freedive Toronto so we pay his fee to AIDA Canada.

Sharon to adopt
Doug to second

Director Reports.




Close to 90% Trial Nights participants join the club, but not necessarily keep going to the pool.
Mailing List helps members know what is going on. Disappointment on membership dropping even though we are advertising.


More rules for pool attendance are to be put in place to ensure safety.
Question was raised on how to ensure and streamline membership fees and pool fees.
Trial Nights are well structured to justify fees and work pretty well.
Relationship with Aquarius Scuba proved to be beneficial for both clubs; we should guide people to Aquarius to help with that synergy. Mark has been very responsive to help Freedive Toronto. Freediving is becoming more popular between scuba divers.

2013 was weak for recreational trips and there was no regular boat training either. Lack of interest or lack of leadership or both?

Sharon asked question about a potential trip to Roatan? Can we organize sooner then later.

New board members elected and roles are as follows:

Sergei Timoshenko – President
Louie Partalis – Vice President
Yaroslava Timoshenko – Secretary
Marc Beaudet – Treasurer

Soren has agreed to continue assisting with IT (web site and database support) and Doug is happy to act as a past president role if the board decides they want this. Board unanimously agreed to that.

West End pool:

Issue of having West end pool has been raised by Bart and seconded by Sharon. Board will be looking into supporting this initiative financially, providing that organizational and management part is taken care by Bart. Will still need to confirm cost and available times for permits was launched as an independent body from FT club to alleviate insurance risks and provide access to official AIDA freediving courses in Toronto area.


Safety has been at a forefront of discussion on numerous occasions. Soren wants our members to more safety conscious at pool training regardless of perceived experience.

Motion to close the meeting
First: Soren
Second: Bart

AGM adjourned at 6:00 PM

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