Freedive Toronto Minutes – AGM Jan 13 2007

Attendees: Doug Sitter, Gord Lemon, Carlos Costa, Soren Frederiksen, Renée Kitchen, Perry Gladstone, Chris Young, Emil Tzvetanov, Pavel Wisniewski

Guests: David Nesbitt of Freedive Ottawa

Call to Order

President Doug Sitter called the meeting to order at approximately 9:00 pm

Treasurer’s Report

Doug Sitter delivered the Treasurer’s report on behalf of Aaron Wood who was unable to attend.

At the last AGM, September 28, 2006 the club had a balance $497.31. Since then we have received 13 new and recurrent membership fees @ $25 ($325) which makes up the current years revenue. Annual expenses total $100 with only one transaction of Doug’s annual pool fees. The current balance is $722.39.

A brief discussion about member dues was had with newer members wondering why the fees are not higher. It was concluded that the barrier to entry should be kept low and, because there has been little to no use of these funds to date, an increase would not be appropriate.

Presidents Report

Gord Lemon delivered the Vice President’s report of which there was nothing to report.

Doug Sitter then delivered the Presidents report beginning with how pleased he was with Freedive Toronto’s progress and accomplishments over the last year. This includes the joint-member purchase of a boat, two club members qualifying for and attending the World Championships (Jade Leutenegger and Doug Sitter), the support he received from the club and the fact that Freedive Toronto has become the second hub of organized freediving outside of Vancouver.

Doug Sitter called for any further old business. The Freedive Toronto T-shirts were discussed and Carlos Costa volunteered to take over the order process.


A slate of new directors was presented to the board for consideration. As only four qualified members accepted their nominations no election was held for the four board positions. The board approved the new slate and Carlos Costa, Renée Kitchen, Soren Frederiksen and Doug Sitter (returning) were appointed as directors for the coming year. The board is to decide internally on whom will fill which position by January 15, 2007.

Doug Sitter then called for new business.

A recommendation was made to consider hosting the next National competition prior to the World’s in Slovenia in July. Further discussion however revealed that to do so would require an event in April, too early for acceptable temperatures for Constant. As a result it was agreed that the board would look into a regional sanctioned event in July.
*A motion was made and seconded to host a pool only competition in April (Costa/Frederiksen). Doug proposed a daily video podcast for the event.

A discussion was had on creating and potentially funding new initiatives for encouraging more participation in both recreational and competitive freediving. The group agreed that the website should feel more recreational and accessible. Soren Frederiksen suggested we create a test website to explore new features and content. It was also suggested that a blog be added if not a discussion forum. Perry Gladstone reminded the group that orientation and supervision will also have to be considered as support for both has been an issue in the past.
* A motion was made and seconded to create a test website (Sitter/Costa).

Gord Lemon proposed we consider donating $100 to the Niagara II fund in the name of Freedive Toronto. After a brief discussion it was agreed that this would be a good use of funds.
* A motion was made to donate $100 to the Niagara II fund in Tobermory (Lemon/Sitter).

Doug Sitter proposed to schedule the next four Directors meetings 30 minutes prior to pool sessions Jan. 15, 22, 29 and Feb 5. It was agreed by the new Directors that they would meet then.

Doug Sitter then brought up the topic of the Past President/ Past Director’s role and asked the two attending past Directors if either would volunteer. Gord Lemon did so and it was agreed by the board that he would fill that role. Doug then asked Perry Gladstone to also remain available for input and consultation to which he agreed.

Doug Sitter then called for any further new business. As there was none Perry Gladstone reviewed all motions and Action Items.


The following motions were approved (1st/2nd):

  • To host a pool only competition in April (Costa/Frederiksen)
  • To create a test website (Sitter/Costa)
  • To donate $100 to the Niagara II fund in Tobermory (Lemon/Sitter)

Action Items:

  • New Board to decide on individual positions- due Jan. 15
  • DS to create new supervision schedule for pool sessions- due Jan. 30
  • SF to create test website- due Jan. 30
  • CC to look into ordering new Freedive Toronto T-shirts- due Jan. 30
  • GL to arrange donation to Niagara II fund- report to board- due Jan 30


Doug Sitter adjourned the meeting at approximately 11:30 pm.

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