Freedive Toronto Minutes – AGM Sep 28 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:43 by Doug Sitter and Perry Gladstone. In attendance were: Eri Rubin; Matt Airhart; Doug Sitter; Richard Walker; Emil Tzvetanov; Dave Maifrini; Ricardo Toledo; Gord Lemon; Aaron Wood; Perry Gladstone.

First on the agenda were the minutes of the previous meeting. This item was passed due to the fact that there was not a copy present. The minutes of the previous AGM have been, and currently are, on the website for review however.

Perry Gladstone gave an explanation of voting procedures that have been used by the club since inception. There were no questions.

Treasurer’s Report-David Maifrini

  • FT currently has 21 members in good standing.
  • FT currently has $470.00 in surplus with no outstanding loans.
  • Financial statements were handed out to the board members and were made available for perusal to all other members in attendance.
  • Over the past year the club has paid for the stamp with Elios, the making of the Freedive Toronto t-shirts, as well as flyers and a banner advertising Freedive Toronto at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show.
  • A small positive balance will continue to be maintained in spite of not-for-profit status. This will be held in case of future deficits that could be incurred while running a competition or event, or to purchase needed equipment for the benefit of the club.

Vice President’s report-Doug Sitter

2005 was an excellent season for Freedive Toronto. Demonstrations held at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show and the Ontario Science Centre were great opportunities to promote our club and our sport. Also the work done by Gord Lemon updating the look and content of the Freedive Toronto website is greatly appreciated. Because of these efforts, club membership has grown to its highest level ever. In addition, Freedive Toronto members captured first, second and third in the men’s division, and first in the women’s division at the CAFA National Championships held in Ottawa. The club was also represented by our own David Maifrini and Jade Leutenegger at the AIDA World Freedive Championships held in Switzerland. They are the first man and woman to represent Freedive Toronto at that level of competition.

In addition to continuing with what made 2005 a great year, additional emphasis needs to be focused on a FT freediving event, as well as more trips organized by the club.

President’s Report-Perry Gladstone

In addition to the VP’s comments, the increase in membership following a recent slump is very encouraging. The increased media attention throughout and following the 2004 AIDA World Freediving Championships held in Vancouver has increased public awareness of freediving. Also the club is having excellent turnouts at pool practices.

That said however, we need to come up with our own way of being unique, and new ways to offer more to our members. The club is rich with experience and has the potential to be something not found anywhere else in the freediving community.

Old Business-Perry Gladstone

  1. Freedive Toronto had a requirement for directors of the club to have completed a Performance Freediving Clinic. It has been decided that this rule needs modification.
  2. Insurance and Liability protection are still not available to the club.

Much discussion was made over the topic of amending the requirement that Directors must have completed a PFD clinic. In the end a motion was made by Perry G. to amend the director’s rule to include (as an alternative to the PFD course) completion of a CAFA approved freediving safety course. Dave M. seconded and all were in favor.

On the liability insurance topic it was explained that coverage is no longer available through CAFA. Also at current prices, the club cannot nearly afford its own coverage. It was suggested that new members be made aware of this upon joining the club. Matt Airhart made a motion to amend the waiver signed by new members to include notification of lack of liability insurance, also to require a witness signature for each document and a signature of the new member on each page of the waiver. Doug S. seconded, and all were in favor.

New Business-Perry Gladstone

  1. Directors Slate for ’05-’06 season
  2. Competitions
  3. Events and club promotion
  4. Safety freediver course
  5. Club surplus

Directors Slate

The votes were tallied voluntarily by Matt A. Members that accepted their nominations were: Perry Gladstone; Doug Sitter; David Maifrini; Gord Lemon and Richard Walker. Aaron Wood and Andrew Walus were also nominated but declined. Elected to the board were Perry Gladstone, Doug Sitter, David Maifrini and Gord Lemon. Motion to accept the new board was made my Perry G. Gord L. seconded and all were in favor. Directors will meet sometime in the following week to decide between themselves whom will fill the roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.


A discussion was held on the possibility of FT hosting a competition. The decision was made that if so, then liability insurance would be required. The point was held pending insurance.


Suggestions were received on hosting scheduled events, club dives and such. The decision was made to suspend all club hosted events pending insurance.

Club Promotion

The Outdoor Adventure Show came together well. FT would like to be present again this year.

New Members

We have been fortunate to have so many new members this year; however it has been noted that we could do more in the area of welcoming, encouraging and coaching our new members. After some discussion Doug Sitter put forward a motion that the club require new members to be paired up with a board member or his/her delegate until such a time as the new member has completed a CAFA sanctioned safety course. Matt A. seconded and all were in favor.

Web Site has been improved drastically over the past year. (Thanks Gord!) There was a general call for increased content however. If members have something that they think should be on the site, please forward it to Gord L. We are fortunate to have had an unlimited amount of webspace donated to the club at the moment, so there is room for the site to grow.

Safety Freediver Course

There have been recent safety concerns due to lack of implementation of the buddy system at the pool practices. This has been addressed with the motion put forward by Doug S. above. That motion however led to the need of the creation of a safety freediver course that we can teach to new members. Perry G. pointed out that such a course already exists within CAFA. Doug S. made a motion to either create a course and submit it to CAFA for approval, or adopt the CAFA course. In either case this course will be held quarterly if new members are present, and in any case not less than annually. Aaron W. seconded and all were in favor.

Club surplus

As noted in the Tresurer’s report, FT presently has a $470 surplus. Being a not-for-profit club, all funds are intended to go back into club events, promotions etc. After discussion, it was decided unanimously that all surpluses will continue to be left to the discretion of the board of directors.


The keeping of the money paid to the club has previously been assigned to the club treasurer due to the fact that there was relatively little money to keep. Also, the board didn’t want to waste money on banking fees. Now however, the need for the creation of a club bank account has arisen. A motion was made by Dave M. to create a joint account between the Treasurer and the club President. Failing that, the account will be made between the Treasurer and the Vice President. Matt A. seconded, and all were in favor.

Meeting adjourned

At 10:38 Doug S. moved that the meeting be adjourned. Matt A. seconded and the meeting came to an end.

Action list

  1. Gord L. to send current waiver to Matt A. Matt A. to amend the waiver, have it looked over by a lawyer and submit it to the board for approval. Gord L. & Matt A.
  2. Roles of the board members to be decided within the week and posted to the club list. Gord L. / Dave M. / Perry G. / Doug S.
  3. Gord L. to inquire about the possibility of liability insurance with the Ontario Underwater Council on behalf of the board. Gord L.
  4. Club President to contact CAFA regarding the possibility of a booth at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show again in ’06 Club President
  5. Bank account to be created for Freedive Toronto. Dave M./ Incoming Club President

Addendum to minutes

Following the AGM the new Board of Directors met to decide their positions for 2005/06. They are as follows:
Doug Sitter, President
Gord Lemon, Vice President
David Maifrini, Treasurer
Perry Gladstone, Secretary

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