Freedive Toronto Minutes – AGM Jan 12 2003

Attendees: Gord Lemon, Doug Sitter, Dave Maifrini, Aaron Wood, [* denotes Action Item].

Vice President Doug Sitter called the meeting to order at 8:32pm. Gord Lemon read the minutes from the last meeting

*T-Shirts: Dave Maifrini volunteered to contact Matt Airhart and find out more about printing FT shirts.

Freedive Toronto Open: Most of the meeting was spend discussing the pros and cons of hosting locations for a spring/early summer competition. Doug Sitter compiled the results as follows:

June 5th - 6th (Tentative)

The Areas Suggested Were

Owen Sound

Owen Sound
- Hospital Close
- Public pools close
- Local Dive Shops (have contacts)
- Visibility is good

- Competition would have to be from a boat
- No deep areas are protected from the wind (offshore)
- Water will be Cold

- Closest not only for Toronto but if Ottawa wants to
join it is closest for them.
- No Boat needed
- This will be the warmest of all the areas

20 min by car to hospital
Not a Sheltered Dive area
This will have the least visibility of the three

Divers available
Dive Hospital Local
Best Visibility
Lots of Back up sheltered areas to dive in
Lots of Depth
Boat Charters (Aaron has a possible contact)

No public pool is local (hotel pool possible)
Furthest away from everyone 

Aaron Wood volunteered to look into the cost of FHOF (Freediver Hook On and Forget). His findings are:

“As far as the FHOF system goes, here’s a link so you can all check it out.
Also some good reviews here

Other related items discussed are as follows:
* Doug to contact Ian in Owen Sound
* Aaron to contact Owen Sound divers and Tobermory boat operator

Membership Dues: *Dave Maifrini volunteered to bring the clubs financial records uptodate and collect membership dues.

Waterways Fins *Gord Lemon volunteered to reinvestigate a fin demonstration from the local Waterway representated

At 10:00 Gord Lemon motioned to close the meeting. Seconded by Doug Sitter.

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