Freedive Toronto Minutes – AGM Nov 17 2003

Attendees: Gord Lemon, Doug Sitter, Matt Airhart, Dave Maifrini, Aaron Wood, Perry Gladstone [* denotes Action Item].

President Perry Gladstone called the meeting to order at 7:45pm, introduced the agenda and asked for any additional items or new business.

Election: Member Aaron Wood previously volunteered to oversee the Director’s election and reported the following: Of 14 members in good standing 7 participated in the voting process. The four nominees, Gord L., Doug S., Dave M., and Perry G., each received seven votes. Board unanimously voted to approve the results, effective immediately. New Directors then chose their titles and responsibilities as follows: Perry Gladstone, President
Doug Sitter, Vice President
Gord Lemon, Secretary
Dave Maifrini, Treasurer

Annual dues: A motion was made by member Matt Airhart to have each members annual fees due on the anniversary of original date joined, allowing a thirty day grace period before privileges are suspended.
Motion by Matt Airhart seconded by Aaron Wood, approved by board.

Group List: The group discussed the merits of allowing non-members to participate in the group email list based on their expressed interest and at the discretion of list moderator(s).
Motion by GL, seconded by DS, approved by board.

Club sanctioned events: A discussion about potential liability at club events resulted in a motion to adopt the policy that any club event that includes diving (pool or open water) must be advertised as such on the group list to ensure that attendees do not think it is open invitation. In addition Directors are to be responsible for having membership forms and releases on hand for any non-member attendees.
Motion by group, seconded by DM, approved by board.

Pool sessions: With St. Albans no longer available the club is looking for a new location to practice over the winter. *PG will be following up with Scadding Court Community Center and *DS will be looking into a facility downtown.

Events: Several club members have expressed interest in hosting a 2 discipline regional competition in the early summer of ’04. *Aaron Wood and DS to look into possible location and facilities. *PG to request approval from CAFA board.
Aaron Wood mentioned the Wisconsin ‘Freediveapalooza’ in July ’04 and will continue to keep the group updated to participate.

Swag: *Matt Airhart suggested club T-shirts would be well received and volunteered to oversee the design process. *PG will have a quote sent to DM who will coordinate with Matt on the artwork.

Website: *GL reported that he will be rebuilding the FT website in the near future, adding various related links and called for content from the group. *Matt Airhart will ask his graphic designer to participate.

Next Meeting: The next Directors meeting will be held mid January’04 *and will be coordinated by Vice President DS. PG will be out of the country.

PG asked if there was any other new business or discussion.
Motion by PG to close the Second AGM, seconded by Aaron Wood.

Action Items

PG- Request CAFA sanctioning for summer event, Talk with Scadding Court, T-shirt contact/quote to DM, Create non-member release
DS- Look into possible locations for summer event, coordinate future meetings in PG’s absence
GL-Rebuild Website, take over minutes at future meetings
Matt Airhart- Oversee T-shirt design and ask graphic artist to help in Website design
Aaron Wood- Coordinate with DS regarding possible locations for summer event

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