Freedive Toronto is a non-profit club dedicated to the development and organization of recreational and competitive Freediving in Southern Ontario.

Freediving (also known as breath-hold diving or skin diving) is a fantastic sport that is gaining global popularity and momentum.

Recreational freediving runs the spectrum from snorkeling in shallow water to making deep dives to see things beyond the range of recreational scuba diving. The motivations and activities for recreational freediving are much the same as for recreational SCUBA.

Competitive freediving involves testing a freediver’s ability in time, distance and depth. At club, regional and national competitions in Canada athletes compete in static apnea, dynamic apnea and constant ballast.

Freediving offers participants the chance to discover their potentials in the aquatic realm. More than SCUBA diving, freediving gives you a true sense of “oneness” with the underwater world, and will unlock the “mammalian diving reflex” within you. This is a natural phenomenon that we all share with marine mammals when diving underwater.

Where and When

Club communications take place through a group mailing list and this web site. Regular Club practices are held Monday evenings at the Riverdale Collegiate Institute from 9:00-10:00. Our club also organizes weekend trips to open water locations, such as Tobermory, on a regular basis during the summer. Some members do dive in open water during the winter months; others spend their time practicing in pools and planning trips south. If you are not a member but think you’d like to join us, or would just like to find out what freediving is all about, feel free to send us an email so that we can notify you of upcoming opportunities to try freediving.

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