Nationals 2011

Canadian National Freedive Competition 2011

Location: Toronto

Competition Days: Aug 6, 7, 8

Official Deep Water Training days: Aug 2, 3, 4

Athletes can register at:

Events: STA, DNF, DYN, CWT

Freedive Toronto is hosting the 2011 Canadian National Freedive Competition. We want to know who would be interested in attending the 3 day event so please send us an email. We have elected to have both the pool and open water events over a 3 day weekend so if people decide to travel to Toronto they can get both depth and pool events in the same competition. It will be a great opportunity for new and veteran freedivers to get together, learn and have a good time.

The Pool:


This is a picture of the pool where we will be hosting the 2011 Canadian National Freedive Competition.

The deep end is 5m deep. At the middle where the bulkhead is in the picture is 2.5m. In the shallow end it is 1.8 m.

Open Water
The open water event will be held in Lake Ontario.

Volunteers Needed!
For those who don’t want to compete!

Safety Team
We will be training a new safety team for this event. If you are interested in being on this safety team please let us know.

Camera Operators
We need two people to operates cameras

Boat Operators
You will get a front row seat!


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