Freedive Toronto Wetsuits

Only on special request we are able to offer our own branded custom made wetsuits

This freediving suit design has been tested in Ontario’s most popular open water dive sites and we have approved and made it our standard.

A 5mm custom “Freedive Toronto” team wetsuit

Specifications of suits for Men or Woman:

Open cell inside / lycra outside
Complete with integrated hood and beavertail
Waist high pants or optional Long john at no extra cost

These FT suits can only be ordered thru us.  If you are ready to order or if you have any questions please contact us using our email.


  1. I used one while safetying in Lake Ontario this past Summer and can attest that quality, fit and functions are well worth the price!

  2. Hi:
    I am 6’9″ tall and weigh 275 lbs and I would like a 5mm wetsuit to use paddle boarding. Can you make me a suit that will fit comfortably to paddle in?
    Mark Harvey

  3. Just tried out our new 5mm suits in the frigid waters of Tobermory this past weekend and they worked out great. Spent two hours in the water at the Grotto and the only parts that got cold were not covered by the suit (hands and feet and of course face). Sharon and I are very happy we bought them!

    Now I guess I can sell my old open-cell double 7mm Scuba suit.

    Thanks FDT!

  4. […] to look around much, but ya got me googling free diving suits, the Toronto Freediving club sells a 5mm aqualand two piece custom made to ones measurements for $259 including shipping, be about $290 with tax, more than I […]

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